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About us

Here at CenterPoint, we are about three primary things:  Gospel, Community, and Mission.


                              Our primary goal as a church is to proclaim and live out the Gospel--the good news that God is reconciling the world to Himself through Jesus Christ.  We believe, with all our heart, that salvation, forgiveness, hope, and healing are freely available to all who place their trust in Jesus Christ.  We strive to continually remind ourselves, each other, and the world of this wonderful truth.


                                              "No man is an island."  God created us to live in community and to develop real relationships where we learn from one another and practice self-sacrificial love, generosity, and forgiveness.  At CenterPoint, We strive to foster true community and build rich honest relationships that demonstrate the love of Jesus. 


                                 We believe that the joy of the Gospel and the benefits of Community are too good to keep to ourselves--we want to share them with the world!  As people who have received God's grace and love, we are compelled to go and share that same grace and love--in both word and deed.  Sometimes that means meeting the material needs of the impoverished, sometimes it means standing up for the oppressed or protecting the vulnerable, sometimes it means traveling to the fringes of our society or the globe, and sharing the truth with those we meet there.  It always means doing SOMETHING.  At CenterPoint, we don't want to only talk about the Gospel, we want to live it out in a way that benefits others.

Are you a theology nut that needs to know a little more about what we believe?  Don't worry--we're also theology nuts at heart.  You can find out a little more here

Joshua St. Clair
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